We'll start by covering any questions ya'll have regarding all things Leebot, but more importantly, questions relating to anything you specifically want to achieve!  

Once we've taken payment, we'll create you an account and give you access to more documents that'll get you up to speed on some key wins to be had using Leebot and see you nicely on your way to success.  

Leebot is 'easy-out-of-the-box', and it's powerful alone, but it's even better when you take it together with our Marketing Mentorship Software. You'll be able to get more out of the machine and find out how to really get the most out of your advertising spend.  

You don't need to order the Marketing Mentorship straight away - you can start small, and add it when you can see you're getting the returns. 

Buying the Advertising Software | What Next?

Once your payment is out of the way - all that remains is to take advantage of the features inside your account. Find out more here.

Buying the Advertising Software & the Marketing Mentorship together:
You'll get everything you would have if you purchased the Advertising Software on its own - but you'll also get your own personal (and very swish) 'Onboarding Session' and we'll be close on hand thereafter to make sure you're feeling OK as you begin your journey and along the way.


  • Implement Leebot best practices. 
  • Maximise user adoption - download the app.
  • Discovery - how we adapt our winning framework to your key challenges.
  • Establish clear deliverables (goal setting). 

What support is included after the Onboarding? 

  • 30 minute post-onboarding team Q&A session. 
  • Fortnightly progress sessions (upgrade available for weekly sessions).
  • Ongoing chat support, including; help documentation & educational resources.
  • Quarterly progress round-up session.  

Everyone's good at marketing with the right tools.

You don't have to do it alone. Master your marketing and get the most out of hundreds of tools that the Leebot award-winning support team use every day to deliver incredible results to marketing and sales pros just like you.

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