If you’re a manufacturer
You can use Leebot to launch joined-up, fast to market Google and Facebook campaigns with live performance data for you and your entire dealer network. Or, you can work with individual dealers that have business challenges and help them drive the traffic and enquiries they need.

If you’re part of a dealergroup
Or if someone else is responsible for your marketing spend, then they can use this system to allocate you a budget to use Leebot. Afterall, you know your business and it’s challenges more than anyone else.

If you’re a independent dealer or an independent work shop
You can identify the types of customer who meet your ideal buyer type and show adverts for your services or products.

If you’re in aftersales

You can create highly targeted adverts to attract specific people to important locations where you have job roles available.

If you’re a private seller
(and you stumbled upon this page by accident - hey, it happens) you can use Leebot to find people who are buying cars just like yours - locally, or further afield!

What you can do.

Set up specific adverts for specific cars, products or services.
If you’re keen to move something you have lots of, or perhaps that car that’s running over-age, use Leebot to set a targeted Google and Facebook campaign to drive in lots more buyers to your specific offer.

Raise footfall to your location when it’s quiet.
Use Leebot to specifically target local buyers and have your advert appear to more buyers, more often. You don’t need to rely on a classified websites level of customers - it’s easy to drive your own.

Remove your reliance on traditional forms of advertising.
Google and Facebook are used earlier and more often than any other website in the car buying journey. Using Leebot, you can strategically target ONLY the people who matter to you - no need to appear to the masses, only to the few who are are actually looking to buy products or services just like yours.

Your customers use Google and Facebook more than any other channel in the purchase journey.

Google and Facebook command nearly 80% of internet time.
Individually, the have the two largest audiences of car buyers - Leebot combines them and makes them accessible to you.

Google is the gateway, with 77% of automotive customers using Google search
in the buying process
- searching many times over many days.

Google’s Auto shopping study (2014)
revealed that an auto shopper made 139 Google Searches before making a new car purchase over a 3 month period with 69 dealer interactions, and 186 manufacturer interactions.

Facebook is the influence advertiser, with 84% of automotive shoppers are on Facebook.
Additionally, 50% of the UK is on Facebook - and they check in an average of 5 times a day.

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