At the time of writing this June 2019, Leebot's pricing works only in the following way: 

Chose a product, or combine them: 

Easy Advertising Software | costs £99pm per user. 

Marketing Mentorship Software | costs £189pm per user.  
In addition, managers who purchase the Marketing Mentorship Software can also: 

  • Purchase a standard single seat but use it for team updates instead of mentorship.
  • Upgrade the standard single seat for their own personal development & get team progress updates as well. 

Back-stage user limitation information: 

  • Leebot is currently limited to: 1 user per rooftop account.  
  • You can have more than 1 account per rooftop - so this means you can have multiple users at your location, but they will not be connected in the same account. 
  • The ability to add more users per account and the ability to merge existing users is planned in our future development plans.  

More information about out pricing can be found on our pricing page.

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