Leebot uses an official, authorised, live data connection to Google, Facebook and Instagram, to extract all available predictive shopper data for the things you want to promote - the data includes platform behaviours and keyword searches.

Leebot learns continuously, ‘cherry-picking’ from the mass data to present you with its best recommendations - which are all guaranteed. Now that's magic. Ta Daaaaa!

If the data comes directly from Google, Facebook & Instagram, then where do they get it from?

Google (or the the big G as we call it)
The way people search on Google, and the words they use tell Leebot a lot about what they want.  Google are the global legends when it comes to predicting needs from words.   

Most websites contain Google's tracking code for understanding website statistics in their free platform, Google Analytics - which means they also can predict who buys what, when and how long it takes!  Creepy, but handy. 

Using its enormous user-base and predictive behaviour modelling, Facebook’s advanced algorithms indicate who is behaving like the kind of buyer you want based on their website activity, likes and interests.

Facebook also contains lots of 'self provided' data, such as age, relationship status, location, job type and more - all of which are very useful when it comes to predicting an ideal buyer type. 

Is it reliable?  Can I trust the data?

The simple answer is yes, and no. 🤷

The data Google, Facebook & Instagram send us can sometimes be a little 'funky' - but that's the true beauty of Leebot, your adverts don't fly solo.  There are REAL folks here trained in the art on PPC ninja(ing), and all adverts undergo a manual quality check to ensure that everything is set to deliver the right adverts, to the right people at the right time.  

So sometimes, Google, Facebook and Instagram's data can be 'dubious', but we use lots of other information and insight to make sure you're getting what you set out for!  

Your advertising return is guaranteed after all.  Winner winner, chicken dinner.

The audience size is low - will that effect how often my advert is shown?

Sometimes we show your advert to the same person more than once, because repetition is proven to aid memory recall and it's important for long-term brand awareness.

We'll never limit your advertising potential, so if your audience is too low and the repetition volume exceeds our ethics, we'll grow your audience size further than your preferences to get you the best return.

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