Workspaces allow you to work together, share files, chat, assign, approve and easily view activity.

For a top-level overview on workspaces check out this page - or for a deep dive into a specific workspace feature, read on!

Workspace ownership.

This page includes:

  • How to change or transfer a Workspace owner.

  • How to accept or decline an invite to own a Workspace.

  • How to see who owns a Workspace.

Workspace Billing.

This page includes:

  • How does billing for a Workspace work?

  • I've been removed from an account I'm paying for.

Removing a user from a workspace.

This page includes:

  • How to delete a user from your own personal allowance & billing.

  • How to delete a user from a Workspace.

  • I can't access Leebot anymore?

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