If you're looking for a really quick 'heads up', check out this page on How Workspaces, Projects & Tasks work.

If you're looking for a little more detail - then read on.


Workspaces have unlimited Projects where you can organise, plan, publish or promote anything. So Think Big.

Organise your teams around sub-segments locations or departments; like 'Marketing', 'Sales' or 'Manchester', 'London Central' or 'Paris'. If you're freelancing, you could create 'Client 1' 'Client 2' and so on.

Within each Workspace are Projects.

Projects are collections of Tasks.

  • You can make as many Projects as you like in any Workspace.

  • You can put as many Tasks as you like into a Project too (but good structure works well in small groups).

Paid Workspace users can invite collaborators at Workspace level, or at Project level - so it means users can really explore their setups.

Check out this example Workspace called Uptown Bikes.

How Tasks work.

Well, it seems silly to start with Tasks are, well... Tasks, but it helps set the scene.

Tasks, Sub Tasks, (you might call them actions); the name is not important. What's important is that Tasks are communicating with your Planner.

You can attach important items to any Task.

Each Task has its own Workflow. The Workflow feeds information to Leebot's Planning areas.

Workflow's capture information like;

  • Task Title.

  • Due Date.

  • Assignee.

  • Approver.

  • Guests.

  • Status.

  • Importance.

  • Tags and more.

Task send that information to the Planner - so you can have hundreds of Tasks with different due dates, assignees, statues and more, and just one click to the Planner will organise everything into a really easy, and organised list.


  • Don't think too much about organising your Tasks - keep checking your Planner to see how it creates order for you.

  • Complete as much of the Task Workflow as you can.

See the information in different views:

  • Planner / Calendar.

  • List View

  • Kan Ban View.

Learn more here: Understanding your planner

You don't need to get your set up right first time.

You can change and move your structure around at anytime.

So just get creating - and let Leebot do the work.


Everything you need to know about Workspaces

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