In this article:

  • How to edit any Space or Workspace profile details.

  • How to change the phone numbers or email address that your advert enquiries go to while creating an advert.

Edit / check a Space or Workspace profile

  • Phone Number.

  • Email address.

  • Organisation logo.

  • Organisation's Name (or choose a Display Name instead).

  • Address / Location details.

  • Website address.

  • Show / Don't show my address in your Leebot Advert landing pages, or Leebot Published pages.

How to edit your phone number or email address whilst creating an Advert.

When creating an advert in Leebot, your Space, or your Workspace profile details will show or won't show in your Leebot landing pages, according to your Workspace settings.

  • Sometimes, you might not want your enquiries to be routed to your default Space or Workspace numbers / emails.

  • You can change it to something different whenever you create an Advert.

Example of an Advert Landing Page with Profile Details

Example of a Published page with Profile Details


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